Raw Sea Moss (Gold) St. Lucia

Raw Sea Moss (Gold) St. Lucia

Wild harvested from waters of the St. Lucia- Benji's Brand Raw Irish Sea Moss sun dried & packed. It is chemical free, gluten-free, vegan, raw. Protected seas mean no industrial ports and pollution are allowed; human activity is restricted. Confidently purchase sea moss growing in the cleanest waters protected from pollution.

Containing 92 of 102 daily essencial nutrients and minerals your body needs daily St. Lucian sea moss has multiple benefits to your health such as:

  • Immune Health
  • Weight Loss
  • Mucus Dissolver
  • Eczema, Acne, Burns and Rashes (Skin Support)
  • Thyroid Health
  • Anti-Inflammatory + Anti-Diabetic + Anti-Cancerous
  • Joint & Tissue Health
  • Antioxidants + Antiviral
  • Ulcer & Digestive Health
  • Relieve Symtoms of Cold & Flu
  • Allergy Warning

    This product is extremly high in Iodiene. 

  • Health Warning

    If you have any health concerns do to tyroid please consult a licensed physician before consuming this product

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