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Hey good people, how are you guys? Hope you all are safe, healthy and enjoying life as much as you can during this time. I wanted to share some good info with my readers that I came across not too long ago – it’s about sea moss aka Irish moss. If you’ve never heard of it or heard about it and still not sure or didn’t pay attention – no worries, I’ll fix that!

What Is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a species of algae that grows on and around rocks of the Atlantic coastlines of North America, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. The Irish have been using it since about the 1800s, harvesting it for medicine. I have known about sea moss/seaweed (as we call it in the Bahamas) since I was a child. it was that annoying stuff that freaked you out, got wrapped around your foot if you swam to close to the shore. I then found out that people ingest this stuff, while I was in Jamaica. The Jamaicans have a thick, sweet, creamy drink that they simply call Irish Moss. It tastes really good too.

So What’s So Good About It?

Well, I’m so glad you asked. You may know that the body needs about 102 vitamins and minerals for optimum functionality. And as I found out recently, to my surprise, sea moss has a whopping 92 of the required 102! That’s crazy to me – all of that goodness in ONE wholesome food item. How many times do you see gym heads and deep-rooted fitness nutrition people take a handful of pills daily? They’re trying to replace missing vitamins and minerals needed by the body – the only thing is, these man-made sources are more often than not, synthetic and aren’t effectively absorbed into the body.

How Do I Even Find Sea Moss?

So the most ideal place to source it is to go to a nice Caribbean island, lay on the white sand beach and in between lounging and swimming, grab some up from the shoreline. However, due to covid restrictions still being in place in a lot of countries, there are a few other options.

Before I go into the other options, you should know that there are 3 forms you would typically find it in:

  • Dried sea moss – this is usually the base product. Taken from the ocean, this moss is left to air dry – this makes it last longer. This harvested sea moss is then used to create other types of moss products. (Note this version will be covered in salt and must be cleaned before use).

  • Sea moss powder – this is typically made from “powderizing” clean, dried sea moss. I’ve never tried this method, but I would imagine adding the dried, cleaned moss to a good, strong blender and blending it until it reaches powder consistency.

  • Sea moss gel – I have made this one myself. This was my first experimental introduction to sea moss and surprisingly, it ws very easy and turned out very well. Simply take your dried sea moss, rinse it VERY well to remove all the excess salt. Once you think you’ve gotten all the salt and debris out of it, place in a bowl of clean water (spring is recommended) and let it sit, submerged for about 3-4 hours. Pour that water off and submerge it again. I soaked mine overnight (so about 12 hours total). You will know it’s good to go when the moss look like cooked egg noodles. Kind of soggy and translucent looking. When ready, pour this water off (feel free to rinse again) and add moss to a blender with 1-2 cups of spring water and blend til you get a nice gel consistency. (Almost an apple sauce kinda vibe).

Sea moss gel

Sea moss, from what I’ve seen, is most economically source from smaller, holistic boutique/shop owners. They do sell dried and powder forms in natural food stores but the price you’d pay per pound – no gracias! I bought my pound, dried on Etsy for $49.99 (which was one of the better priced options). There are tons of sellers on there selling jars of the gel too – both flavored and non, for reasonable prices. (Click here for another sea moss source).

What are the Benefits?

See below for just a glimpse into the awesome benefits – goodness that is sea/Irish moss. And after all of this good info, I’d hope you will head on over to Benji's Brand Solutions and grab some for yourself or your family. Your body will thank you!

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